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quotes from wuthering heights about setting study com - emily bronte s wuthering heights is set on the english moors the perfect location for a spooky brooding novel the landscape is off putting, irony in wuthering heights study com - in wuthering heights by emily bronte three types of irony are used to tell the story of love and revenge in this lesson we will see, kuczek sarah english ii pre ap - how do i love thee by elizabeth burnett browning inside outside circle questions 5 plan out essay short answers, ap english literature ef educational tours - visit the homes and hometowns that inspired some of the english language s most influential works step inside william wordsworth s former residence at rydal mount and explore the quaint cobblestone streets of haworth where the bront sisters penned jane eyre and wuthering heights, sparknotes heart of darkness kurtz - heart of darkness and selected short fiction barnes noble classics series