Traditional Karate Do Okinawa Goju Ryu Applications Of The Kata Part 2 -

fightingarts com goju ryu karate do kyohan the - goju ryu karate do kyohan the significance of kata by yamaguchi gogen the cat editor s note this article is the second in a three part series excerpted from yamaguschi s classic karate text goju ryu karate do kyohan the history and fundamentals of goju ryu karate now in reprint, ryuei ryu history ramblings kata anan karate by jesse - this weekend i m going to do a seminar on the kata anan and when i give seminars i always do a theory session too which can cover anything from history to philosophy to culture depending on the context, 10 differences between okinawan karate japanese karate - question do you know the difference between okinawan karate japanese karate i didn t until i visited okinawa the birthplace of karate wow since then i ve revisited the amazing island over a dozen times, wmka news matsubayashi ryu com - news post from okinawa april 11 2018 wmka president yoshitaka taira cultural commendation award on november 8th 2017 yoshitaka taira hanshi president of the wmka was awarded the prestigious cultural commendation from the prefecture of okinawa, masters of the shorin ryu part one by graham noble - the history of japanese karate masters of the shorin ryu by graham noble with ian mclaren and prof n karasawa part one introduction shorin ryu is the most traditional of karate styles and one of the most important historically, club history tai sabaki - club history karate tai sabaki karate do is based on the teachings and ethics of sensei yasuhiro konishi 1893 1983 founder and creator of shindo jinen ryu karate ryobu kai karate, testimonials international ryukyu karate research society - after much searching i finally found what i had been looking for when i attended my first weekend seminar on kata application with patrick mccarthy karatedo hanshi in germany in 2004, short staff jo cane zhang jo do aikijo jojutsu gun - way of the short staff self defense arts and fitness exercises using a short wooden staff cane walking stick jo zhang guai gun four foot staff hiking staff whip staff 13 hands staff cudgel quarter staff hanbo gun bang, the way of least resistance - in traditional forms based martial arts whether they be okinawan japanese chinese korean indonesian etc there is an unspoken rule a cardinal assumption that your head should face your imaginary opponent at all times, staff weapons jo cane bo staff spear walking stick - staff weapons jo bo gun bang staff cane zhang walking stick pole quarterstaff spear short staff stick rod bibliography links quotations equipment cane jo short staff zhang cane, investigating the dim mak death touch martial development - the old kung fu master touched his assailant with no apparent effect days later the assailant died a sudden and mysterious death he was a victim of the legendary dim mak the touch of death