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tornadoes science of the skies socialatedu com - tornadoes science of the skies ebooks tornadoes science of the skies is available on pdf epub and doc format you can directly download and save in in to your device such as, all about tornadoes the science behind tornadoes - tornado s vortex causing it to collapse and reform along its path smaller tornadoes may only thrive for a matter of minutes covering less than a mile of ground larger storms however can remain on the ground for hours covering more than 90 miles 150 km and inflicting near continuous damage along the way, fact or fiction if the sky is green run for cover mdash - so goes the common wisdom in much of the central u s and other tornado prone regions in the world like australia when faced with a threatening sky although some swear green means hail scientifically speaking however little evidence supports either the tornado or hail claims though there is some evidence for green thunderstorms, the science of tornadoes scientific american - jacqui wilmshurst a phd psychology student at the university of sheffield is spending summer in the field studying human reactions to severe weather and tornadoes in this special longer than usual episode she shares her initial findings, why does the sky turn green during a tornado reference com - researchers at pennsylvania state university have found that green skies can occur before or during any type of severe weather the researchers observed green skies prior to thunderstorms and hailstorms but not prior to any tornadoes, tornadoes the science behind the destruction - large tornadoes usually last longer around 30 minutes brooks adds the most powerful twisters have wind speeds of more than 300 miles 483 kilometers per hour which can rip buildings off their foundations, tornadoes 2018 tornado facts pictures and articles - the national weather service nws defines a tornado as a violently rotating column of air in contact with the earth s surface land or water and commonly associated with a severe thunderstorm a tornado generally occurs when high winds within a low pressure system such as a thunderstorm cause water vapor in the air to condense in to a condensation funnel cloud, tornado in a jar simple science experiment for kids - most kids love making hands on science activities however many science experiments call for massive ingredients lists a lot of time or unusual ingredients we like making simple science experiments that you can make from ingredients and supplies you already have on hand a classic and fun simple science experiment is the tornado in a jar