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synthesis of research on problem solving jim wilson s - when two people talk about mathematics problem solving they may not be talking about the same thing the rhetoric of problem solving has been so pervasive in the mathematics education of the 1980s and 1990s that creative speakers and writers can put a twist on whatever topic or activity they have in mind to call it problem solving, using vba in microsoft excel for data analysis automation - using vba in microsoft excel for data analysis automation visual basic for applications vba may be used to automate virtually anything in any microsoft office ms office product, how to become a hacker catb org - the jargon file contains a bunch of definitions of the term hacker most having to do with technical adeptness and a delight in solving problems and overcoming limits, computer programming degrees careers how to become - learn about the education practical steps and experience you ll need to become a computer programmer, augmenting human intellect a conceptual framework 1962 - by augmenting human intellect we mean increasing the capability of a man to approach a complex problem situation to gain comprehension to suit his particular needs and to derive solutions to problems, lecture 1 introduction and scope lecture videos - in this lecture prof winston introduces artificial intelligence and provides a brief history of the field the last ten minutes are devoted to information about the course at mit, geocaching 103 puzzle caches hoagies gifted - puzzle caches an introduction solving tools and more puzzle caches also called mystery caches may be the greatest challenge and the most fun of geocaching, introduction to programming with python city university - python is one of the top programming languages in the world and continues to grow why choose this course the highly popular introduction to programming with python short course teaching python 3 is for complete beginners to python a powerful open source language that is very popular in the fields of data analysis finance and web development, hands on python a tutorial introduction for beginners - there are many variations on delimiting strings and embedding special symbols we will consider more ways later in section 1 8 a string can have any number of characters in it including 0, introduction a byte of python - a byte of python a byte of python is a free book on programming using the python language it serves as a tutorial or guide to the python language for a beginner audience, data science an introduction wikibooks open books for - preface this book is a very basic introduction to data science it is designed for the advanced high school student or average college freshman with a high school level understanding of math science word processing and spreadsheets, dcm tutorial an introduction to orientation kinematics - dcm tutorial an introduction to orientation kinematics introduction this article is a continuation of my imu guide covering additional orientation kinematics topics, a gentle introduction to algorithm complexity analysis - motivation we already know there are tools to measure how fast a program runs there are programs called profilers which measure running time in milliseconds and can help us optimize our code by spotting bottlenecks, epistemological pluralism and the revaluation of the concrete - epistemological pluralism the concerns that fuel the discussion of women and computers are best served by talking about more than women and more than computers, the public domain enclosing the commons of the mind by - james boyle the public domain enclosing the commons of the mind copyright 2008 by james boyle the author has made this online version available under a creative commons attribution noncommercial share alike 3 0 license, book review age of em slate star codex - scott i don t think hanson thinks the civilization will fall i think he expects it to evolve into an even weirder and more powerful form, the evolution of human computer interaction introduction - human computer interaction hci is the study and the practice of usability in this introduction to his book human computer interaction in the new millenium john carroll looks at history and future of hci, careers after 10th standard india trust - presentation discussion on career course options after 10th 12th standard integrated national development in action i n d i a trust, why i will never feel threatened by programmers in india - well am a programmer from india and i agree that there s an element of truth to this for the most part what is sold as outsourcing is either creative time management or the mundane parts of development, getting real the smarter faster easier way to build a - getting real a must read for anyone building a web app getting real is packed with keep it simple insights contrarian points of view and unconventional approaches to software design, ap computer science principles students ap courses - computer science a computer science principles what it s about the fundamentals of programming and problem solving using the java language the fundamentals of computing including problem solving working with data understanding the internet cybersecurity and programming, ai researchers on ai risk slate star codex - i think the real ai risk is not that the machine will develop a mind of its own start bootstrapping itself to deity level omniscience and take over the world reducing us to its slaves or else dead but what the humans who build fund the research and use the damn machine for when it s created will do, how to quit porn 6 essential steps by dr doug weiss - hey i m sri i am addicted to porn and i want to protect myself i think i run after porn because of my loneliness is there anyway you can help and there is also this problem a take a firm resolve to not to look at porn after looking at when i feel restless and i go in for help from god but the very next day i fall into the trap again, brain scans can reveal your decisions 7 seconds before you - so i m driving along a road in town i haven t been down for a few months i quickly turn the corner because i know it like the back of my hand only to