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what every prepper should know about shipping containers - by ryan containerauction com when it comes to prepping many folks are interested in using shipping containers for a secondary retreat or bug out shelter, 10 tips for bugging in prepper resources com the - bugging in is most likely the first option in the prepper playbook that will be employed by most of us when confronted with a crisis regardless of how much time is, raising rabbits one size fits all prepper solution the - rabbits truly are the one size fits all preppers domestic livestock and after reading the reasons why raising rabbits could be ideal for any prepper we think, what a prepper should do around the house ask a prepper - drill a well or install a water storage tank a prepper house should draw water from its own well rather than relying on a city water system, the doomsday preppers of new york nytimes com - the prepper movement which teaches its members how to survive the breakdown of civilization is gaining followers in new york including the author, special report the best prepper websites backdoor survival - just maybe preppers are not that crazy after all gaye share s michael snyder s 50 best prepper websites and blogs along with her own view as to why we prep, instead of beating on your door the prepper journal - shtf and someone who should have prepped long before now shows up on my door i will turn them away i can t tell you how many prepper, 10 long shelf life canned foods every prepper should - stockpiling food is a key part of being prepared even if you have the skills and space to grow your own you can t be sure that a disaster will leave your crops, prepper the s h t f art of war - posts about prepper written by olsonironworks the message is lost in the white noise made by discontented cry babies, 14 prepper items to look for at garage sales - prepping doesn t have to cost a lot of money when you know how to look for bargains garage sales are a great place to scoop up items you might need for an emergency