The Laws Of The Salian Franks The Middle Ages Series -

frank people britannica com - frank frank member of a germanic speaking people who invaded the western roman empire in the 5th century dominating present day northern france belgium and western germany the franks established the most powerful christian kingdom of early medieval western europe, francia the franks france burgundy italy germany - successors of rome francia 447 present kings and emperors of the franks france burgundy italy and germany introduction after the collapse of the western roman empire and the occupation of much of gaul by the franks roman power never returned far enough to come into conflict with the frankish kingdom except to an extent in the, the making of english law king alfred to the twelfth - the making of english law king alfred to the twelfth century vol 1 legislation and its limits, holy roman empire new world encyclopedia - the holy roman empire was a mainly germanic conglomeration of lands in central europe during the middle ages and the early modern period it was also known as the holy roman empire of the german nation from the late fifteenth century onwards