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how to focus your video camera media college - guide to using the focus controls on your video camera, dslr auto focus vs manual focus making the choice - auto focus vs manual focus to see which focus mode you re currently in press the info button on your dslr camera the focus mode should be displayed, 5 situations when manual focus is better than auto focus - another top reason 6 situations when manual focus is better than auto focus shooting video on your slr camera what i will do is set the camera on manual focus, is there any compact digital camera with manual focusing - a true point and shoot camera does not have manual is there any compact digital camera with manual digital camera prevents the mechanics of manual focus, a guide to mastering manual focus photography and camera - have you ever cursed your camera for missing that special moment in the streets do you ever struggle to get the subject quickly in focus before the fleeting moment is lost forever in the aether well then why not try manual focus my name is lukasz palka and i m a tokyo photographer working for, dslr camera focusing tips for beginners - dslr camera focusing tips for beginners a post by trend is changing you are explained most of the video about how a camera focus sometimes manual focus, manual focus camera ebay - find great deals on ebay for manual focus camera shop with confidence, manual focus techniques for mirrorless cameras youtube - sometimes manual focus is a better option than autofocus sometimes it s the only option i used to stink at focusing my lenses manually but these technique, discover how to master manual focus techradar - your dslr has comes with a highly advanced autofocus system so why on earth would you want to use manual focus actually there are some very good reasons various subjects and environmental conditions either fool the camera or make it considerably harder to get a good shot in autofocus mode, manual camera apps on google play - api manual camera is world s first android camera app with full manual control manual shutter speed manual focus distance manual iso manual white, how focus works b h explora - in focus so now you know how focus works even with manual focus selected the camera the massachusetts institute of technology has a great free video, camera fv 5 lite apps on google play - camera fv 5 is a professional camera application for true manual focus and infinity focus modes autofocus camera fv 5 lite fgae photography