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holman illustrated bible handbook b h editorial staff - holman illustrated bible handbook b h editorial staff on amazon com free shipping on qualifying offers many who would be willing to search for truth in the bible are intimidated by its size the length of time it spans, holman illustrated bible dictionary chad brand eric - holman illustrated bible dictionary chad brand eric mitchell holman reference editorial staff on amazon com free shipping on qualifying offers holman illustrated bible dictionary revised and expanded for 25 years the holman illustrated bible dictionary has been the go to bible reference resource for lay bible students, bible reference tools handbook atlas dictionary - approach the bible with the best study tools so that you can best understand the context meaning and application find handbooks dictionaries atlases charts concordances and introductions, web directory english bible versions - a large collection of annotated links to bible versions online and articles about the different translations, isaac s wealth and power threaten others bible blender - after abimeleh issued orders to the citizens that nobody should harm isaac or his family isaac had a very successful year with his crops despite a famine in the land because god had blessed isaac he reaped a hundred times what he had sown isaac became rich and his fortune continued to grow until he became very wealthy with large flocks herds and many servants, the only begotten son - the only begotten son by michael marlowe my purpose here is to discuss the meaning of the word monogenes as used in the new testament the septuagint and in other ancient writings i am especially interested in its use by the apostle john in his gospel and in his first epistle and its use in the nicene creed of a d 325, book of habakkuk wikipedia - the book of habakkuk is the eighth book of the 12 minor prophets of the bible it is attributed to the prophet habakkuk and was probably composed in the late 7th century bc of the three chapters in the book the first two are a dialog between yahweh and the prophet the message that the just shall live by his faith 2 4 plays an important role in christian thought, star of bethlehem wikipedia - the star of bethlehem or christmas star appears only in the nativity story of the gospel of matthew where wise men from the east are inspired by the star to travel to jerusalem there they meet king herod of judea and tell him they are heading to bethlehem to pay homage to the newborn king of the jews herod calls his scribes and priests who confirm to him that a verse from the book of