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heathkit schematic and manual archive vintage radio info - this is an archive based on a page that used to be at http www circuitarchive co uk heath htm it has been reassembled from my copy saved when the site was live together with files retrieved from http web archive org and other resources, miscelanea3 htm eb1dgc - montaje emisora fm broadcast realizada por eb1dgc 100mhz spectrum analyzer analizador de antena montaje de kd1jv kit analizador de antena de kd1jv, antique radio forums view topic free heathkit manuals - here is a link to a free site it is free to join free to use you ll find heathkit in the files area under home electronics they have the manual you are looking for, ham radio manuals by wb2jkj icom yaesu kenwood heathkit - establishing the industrial electronics laboratory by louis e garner heathkit tech service publication 16 00, heathkit manuals vintage books - visit our stacks a collection of scans of old radio and electronics books and manuals free to download these scans were made by many different people and they deserve our thanks for this effort, manual rrw tubularelectronics com - available heathkit manuals updated 11 8 04 see below for information refresh this page for latest listing model description condition pages price mastr prts list, test equipment information one electron - test equipment there is a big business in selling originals or copies of test equipment manuals and there are very few on line manuals granted manuals for recent complex equipment can be huge but let s get some more of the older manuals on line, pacific t v online schematics - free online schematics for vacuum tube audio radio and test equipment technical data vacuum tubes and sockets for radio audio and amateur use over 1500 types with regular specials, eham net classifieds search results - eham net is a web site dedicated to ham radio amateur radio, the grid dip meter forgotten instrument hackaday - it used to be a major rite of passage for a hardware hacker to acquire an oscilloscope until recently new instruments were rarely in normal people s budgets so you probably made do with a used scope now there are lots of inexpensive options especially if you include low end pc scopes and, fluke 87 fusible resistor mr modemhead - disclaimer the following describes an amateur repair on a component that is critical to the safety specifications of the device in cases where safety ratings are mandated it is advised that repairs be performed by authorized service centers with manufacturer approved parts, pre owned hifi list - emporium hifi specialise in buying and selling new and pre owned high end audio equipment, fluke 8020a lcd replacement mr modemhead - i chose to use single strands of solid 30 gauge insulated wire wrap wire for a mechanically secure connection to the lcd pins i used a manual wire wrap tool to make a secure wrap around each the lcd pins used, whatever happened to the desktop computer hackaday - if you buy a computer today you re probably going to end up with a laptop corporate drones have towers stuffed under their desks the cool creative types have imacs littering their open plan offices look around on the online catalogs of any computer manufacturer and you ll see there are, q r p e r qrp radios product announcements reviews - qrp radios product announcements reviews news and more low power amateur radio fun, electrical electronic and cybernetic brand name index - introduction please note that most of these brand names are registered trade marks company names or otherwise controlled and their inclusion in this index is strictly for information purposes only, notes on the troubleshooting and repair of audio equipment - back to audio and misc repair faq table of contents turntables turntable record changer maintenance here are general comments on oiling dinosaurs oops sorry turntables