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astrophysics authors titles new arxiv - we simulate a self gravitating turbulent cloud of 1000 msol with photoionization and radiation pressure feedback from a 34 msol star we use a detailed monte carlo radiative transfer scheme alongside the hydrodynamics to compute photoionization and thermal equilibrium with dust grains and multiple atomic species, harvard university nasa ads search - a powerful streamlined new astrophysics data system data system loading, nuclear plasma sciences society directory of plasma - directory of plasma conferences this listing of plasma science and engineering conferences is provided as a service by the plasma science and applications committee of the institute of electrical and electronics engineers it is intended both to inform the plasma research community of relevant professional meetings and to assist conference organizers in avoiding schedule conflicts, final program ists or jp - 1 graduate school of environmental and information sciences yokohama national university and japan society for the promotion of science yokohama japan 2 graduate school of environmental and information sciences yokohama national university yokohama japan 3 department of chemical engineering fukuoka university fukuoka japan 4 institute of space and astronautical science jaxa, lammps publications lammps molecular dynamics simulator - lammps publications this page lists papers that cite lammps via the original 1995 j comp phys paper discussed here which includes a discussion of the basic parallel algorithms in lammps papers that describe later algorithmic development in lammps are also listed here this list is generated from the thomson reuters web of science bibliographic database, ten things you don t know about the earth bad astronomy - below are ten facts about the earth the second in my series of ten things you don t know the first was on the milky way some things i already knew and probably you do too some i had ideas about and had to do some research to check and others i totally made up