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the hobby machinist forums - the friendly machinist forum this is an all purpose general shop related discussion forum like the ones found on other forums, boxford lathe prices opinions model engineer - jason spencer 12 04 2013 10 51 03 71 forum posts i did have my eye on a smart and brown model a but the seller has decided to keep it however this has been listed on ebay, category milling nc cnc machinery locator - haas minimill cnc 3 axis cnc new 2010 milling nc cnc boxford duet i cnc turn mill duo new 2015 milling nc cnc jobs correa zayer and butler elgamill cnc bed type milling machines, colchester lathe for sale in uk view 66 bargains - colchester lathe for sale colchester triumph 2000 lathe 1705 cnc lathe colchester tornado 100 4820 colchester triumph 2000 lathe long bed 50, myford alternative model engineer - my machines will produce high quality accurate work what more can one ask by the way my small chinese lathe will handle items up to 250 mm dia as opposed to my boxford s 225 mm but the bed is shorter and can only handle up to 250mm length which is more than enough for most of my work, category milling machinery locator machinery locator - machinery locator lists thousands of used machine tools for sale and is updated every week secondhand machines are sold worldwide via private sail and auctions, flexcut 80 plasma and torchmate 4800 weldingweb - anyone have experience with either of these they have one setup for the space whale burning man project in just reading through the virtual machine designer software manual, advert all ads home workshop - website for selling and buying of tools materials books magazines or even just information for home workshops in the uk