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who wrote the bible richard elliott friedman - richard elliott friedman is an eminent biblical scholar with an illustrious career that includes previous books with titles like commentary on the torah, who wrote the bible kindle edition by richard elliott - the contemporary classic the new york times book review called a thought provoking and perceptive guide who wrote the bible by richard e friedman is a fascinating intellectual yet highly readable analysis and investigation into the authorship of the old testament, richard elliott friedman author scholar teacher - death and afterlife the biblical silence richard elliott friedman and shawna dolansky overton in judaism in late antiquity part four death life after death resurrection and the world to come in the judaisms of late antiquity edited by alan j avery peck and jacob neusner we have few unquestionable references to life after death in the hebrew bible, who wrote the flood story by richard elliott friedman pbs - who wrote the flood story by richard elliott friedman for centuries scholars from many backgrounds have worked on discovering how the bible came to be they were religious and non religious christians and jews, love your neighbor only israelites or everyone - alinari art resource ny moses pictured here in a painting by 17th century baroque artist guido reni is one of the most iconic figures in the hebrew bible, bible contradiction 85 is moses father in law reuel or - contradictions in the bible identified verse by verse and explained using the most up to date scholarly information about the bible its texts and the men who wrote them by dr steven dimattei, the bible unearthed wikipedia - the bible unearthed archaeology s new vision of ancient israel and the origin of its sacred texts a book published in 2001 discusses the archaeology of israel and its relationship to the origins and content of the hebrew bible the authors are israel finkelstein professor of archaeology at tel aviv university and neil asher silberman an archaeologist historian and contributing editor to, did the ancient israelites think children were people - a few years ago i was teaching a course on the first five books of the bible when the class session on the 10 plagues in exodus came around an interesting discussion ensued among the students about the plague of the firstborn and whether or not the israelite deity was morally justified in killing